Soft Skills – The Gateway to Success

Hello Everyone,

It’s been quite awhile since my last post, but wanted to get back to writing again.

I would like to introduce to you my new blog. I started this blog to bring awareness to the importance of utilizing soft skills, and it’s impact.

Having excellent soft skills, can help us to succeed in many aspects of our lives. From interacting with  co-workers, to resolving family conflicts. These skills can take you further in your professional, as well as your personal relationships.

Research has shown that employers are now looking to hire candidates that have soft skills (or interpersonal skills) over technical skills.

The theory is, the employer wants to know if you’re able to get along well with others, and if you can communicate in an upbeat and engaging manner.

It also refers to what is called “The Like Factor”.  In other words, will you fit into the  companies overall mission.

Employers also want to know if you will treat clients respectfully, provide quality customer service and invest effort into your work.

These are just a few of the soft skills that I will be touching on in the future.  In my next post, I will outline ways to “Successful Communication”.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog, and feel free to comment as well.

Until next time.


Author: angelasblog325

I live in Northern Israel, in a city called Karmi’El. I’ve been writing for years, and enjoy blogging. I’m also a Motivational Speaker, as well as an IT Professional for over 20 years. I have three children, and enjoying my life immensely!

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